Rem Pt. 2 p.010


New rem page^^^^

thus closes the second *weird transformative experience fade to unconscious* scene in the comic already

thinking about character designs. 


Rem Pt. 2 p.009

creating a safe space

New rem page ^ boop boop

don’t judge me

#inktober, or whatever

In space egg, no one can hear you scream


Rem Pt. 2 p.008

pwrfl power

This week’s page. I feel like I’ve lost a little control of the project at this point but I’m kind of okay with letting it drag me around a little. 


I went climbing at Pilot Mountain on Saturday and took along my sketchbook in case of spare moments. I was mostly too busy enjoying the place itself to stop and sketch, but I fit in a couple drawings of Tomas climbing and Maya belaying.

i drew some of my lovely coworkers at this morning’s lab meeting


Rem Pt. 2 p.007

they arrive

Next page of Rem is here 

toot toot