Regard above, the world-famous A. T. Pratt and M. R. Trower, representing Dome Depot and Inkmaggot, respectively. The table also housed work by fellow risdoids Ben Nadler and Emily Smith. I was only at Moccafest for Sunday, but what a great day! I took a super-early bus from PVD to NYC and arrived in the city around 10:30. I walked to the Armory, grabbing an overpriced coffee and snapping a few tourist pics reference images on the way. In my defense, I don’t get to see a city this large too often and the variety of architecture is very interesting.

Building Stories

I walked in and was welcomed by this sight:

Yay! Many booths! Time to find my broski…at the very back. We definitely did not get the prime real estate. Better luck next time. I spent most of the day behind the table, doing my best to convince people to give me money for pieces of paper stapled together. Success was…erratic, but I learned a lot from my first experience tabling a comix fest (first tabling *ever* was at the risd alumni sale earlier this year). I now have a…long list of techniques to apply next time (student sale, alumni sale…and spx!!!!!).

For example, come with a big sign ready to display above your space, instead of making one on a page of your sketchbook in five minutes.


All $$ aside, I enjoyed the show a lot, even though it seemed less comics-focused than I would have liked. That said, I didn’t get too much time to peruse so I probably missed out on a lot of great stuff. I did get to talk to some cool humans from CCS (my future school), had dash shaw awkwardly sign my sketchbook, and picked up a copy of Suspect Device 3 from Josh Bayer.

As the day wound down, A. T. & M. R. started to whip out some desperate sales techniques, such as exclaiming “WE’RE SLASHING PRICES EVERYTHING MUST GO” and making a “going out of business sale” sign. 

note: "mega blowout sale"

After a long day of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, we cleaned up and headed over to the Tavern on Third for some well-deserved free beer. We met some rad people (such as Chris) and participated in joint guest book drawing and a comics jam.

All too soon, it was time for me to leave and walk a couple miles to my sketchy megabus stop. Until next year, Moccafest!