SPX 2013 in the Rear View Mirror, Part I

Before it’s too late, I’d like to share the bulk of my treasures from SPX this year. I’ll do a show re-cap later, but right now I’m super-tired and I’d rather just give y’all the rundown of what I carried home in my backpack. I wish I could have bought more, and there were so many amazing comics, prints, and zines that I wish I could have sprung for. Many of these were trades. Hooray for trades! Anyway, here’s the list…

Top Row, Left to Right:

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Bottom Bottom Row, with Cat

  • Kitaro by Shigeru Mizuki (D&Q was kind enough to give me a copy since I worked on replacing the Japanese sound effects with English ones in this book. Thanks guys!)

And that’s (mostly) it! Stay tuned for a sappy retelling of my first time tabling SPX.